Scaling DWG problem


Im using Sketchup pro 2014 and i m trying to export a DWG file.
My sketchup file is in milimeters. WHen i make DWG file and open it in Autocad dimensions are different.For example line long 1mm now is 1.20mm
Whats wrong?
Autocad measure units are in milimeters.


Hello! Is your Full Scale checkmark on in SketchUp export window?


this option is not available.


Another thing to check is: parallel projection

If you are exporting something in 2D, then make sure you get out of perspective view and zoom extent to fit everything on screen.


Yes, that’s most probably the problem. @josephkim626 is right. You’re not in Parallel Projection mode. Check it from the “Camera” menu. Also, use Standard Views for the main projections.


problem solved. thanks a lot.
In the begining i was messed with incehs and mililmeter conversion problems but finally it became a Parallel Projection mode
once again thanks :slight_smile: