Scale issue importing to Auto Cad

Our engineer is having scale issues with plans and sections we export from layout. Layout is only 2d lines and we export to dxf. Our engineer said they had to scale last set up x3.1 to get it close to correct size… Are we exporting incorrectly or are they importing incorrectly or is it a software issue? We are using SkethUp and Layout 2020 pro…

Best to share an example. It is a software issue, either you’re not exporting correctly or they don’t import correctly.

CROW A3.1.dwg.dwg (740.9 KB)

There is nothing more to export :slight_smile: I meant the LayOut file!

Well, the page borders are 24 x 36 units in Autodesk Trueview. The exported DWG is obviously not to full scale. You seem to have exported using the “Export to SketchUp” option. That compresses both the page layout elements and the contents of the SketchUp viewport to AutoCad model space, using their paperspace scale. Not being very fluent in calculating in nonstandard units, I infer that your view in LayOut is set to 1/48 scale. Perhaps you should be trying another option?What unit are your engineers assuming your DWG to be in? Feet? Meters?

Yes they are at 1/4" = 1’-0", standard architectural scale… Yes it was also sent with Export to SketchUp, is it best not to set that when exporting? The engineer is using imperial as we are, most engineers use decimal instead of architectural for their dimensions and I gather for importing. All this said they should be able to scale up x48 to get to the full and real size. again he needed to scale to x +/-3.1…

To get a fuller and clearer answer, please upload the .layout file, as asked for earlier.

FOR UPLOAD A0.1sp.layout (11.3 MB)

See attached