Hi there does anyone know much about autoCAD?

I have exported drawings from sketchup, I am trying to scale 1:100 in layout but when I do the drawing is too big and goes off the page. what am I doing wrong?


No clue what AutoCAD has to do with your Layout issue 0.o

A screenshot or shared model would be helpfull to find the issue, so i have to guess …

First thought, your papersize is to small (or your model is to big) to fit the modelscale 1:100, so you need to adjust your papersize. If you use A4, try A3 upto A0.
If the maximum papersize A0 stil does not fit your 1:100 model, you might need to adjust your scale to 1:200 or something.

Hard to know without seeing the file.

Sounds to me as if the paper isn’t large enough for the scale you’ve selected. Sounds like you need to choose larger paper.

You should not have to worry about scale at this stage; export from skp as a full scale model, and import into acad modelspace. then once you are in acad, create a viewport in paperspace and set the scale of the view in your viewport to suit. (as others comment, the choice of view scale will affect the fit on your chosen paper size)

That’s not how Layout works. It works based on the size of you paper and you insert your model in the correct scale to fit the paper.

However it exports the drawing to CAD modelspace correctly at 1:1 scale.

Also check the units you use when exporting or importing DWG files.

I am a bit confused about your SketchUp/LayOut workflow. It is infinitely wiser to place your SketchUp model directly into LayOut instead of going through exporting to a foreign interim file format.

Import the exported drawing from SketchUP into modelspace in AutoCAD, not the layout (paperspace). Check the scaling, as it’ll probably depend upon how your units are set up in AutoCAD.