Layout 2022 Incorrect size import dwg conversion issue autocad

Hi guys lately in the export from layout some external collaborators who use autocad have pointed out errors in size. Let me explain myself better in this case if I measure a precise dimension, for example 1110 cm or drawing lines within the layout on autocad the same line becomes 1110,0934 cm. In practice it seems that in the conversion phase it induces a small conversion scale. Has any of you ever happened? How did you fix it?

The only time I’ve seen this reported in the past, it has turned out that the user hasn’t set up the scene correctly in SketchUp. Can you share a LayOut file in which is is happening for you?

Actually the scale is correct, but I had a different problem. Importing AutoCAD files with very precise measurements, for example rectangle 1000x1000 cm. this once imported creates a very small error becomes 999,999220x999,999220. This didn’t happen in the old versions. Maybe I’m wrong in something, yet during the import phase I choose to import from Model and the unit of measurement in cm. Is it a 2022 layout bug?

How do I upload the file here to the forum?

Drag and drop it into a reply. Or, if it’s too large to upload here, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

rectangle 1000x1000 cm.layout (11.0 KB)
rectangle.dwg (31.0 KB)

Even worse if I create a sketchup template I create a layout board and export to dwg creates an export error the model will no longer be 800x800 but 799.999861x799.999861. Is it possible that no one ever noticed?
800x800.dwg (25.9 KB)
frame 800x800.layout (195.5 KB)
frame 800x800.skp (176.7 KB)

@trent Do you have a solution for this problem?

With your first .dwg I get exactly the expected dimensions in both LayOut and SketchUp.

No problem with your second one, either. Dimensions on the top and right are from SketchUp. Left and bottom from LayOut.

A little off topic…

If I export my own duplicate of a 1000x1000cm Layout file, when I open it in TrueView I get:

“This DWG file was saved by an application that was not developed or licensed by Autodesk”

On opening the file I can’t find the square shape in modelspace.

If I tick “Export for SketchUp” the square is viewable in modelspace but at 1:1 and not 1:100.

This is why I’ve steered away from exporting DWGs from Layout.

If I open Nicola’s DWG in TrueView it opens fine and the square is viewable at the correct scale in modelspace.

Try exporting the layout file to dwg and open on cad will you see that on the autocad model tab it will not have the exact size? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong about exporting?

In see it when exporting from your LayOut file to DWG. Exporting from SketchUp doesn’t show any “shrinkage”.
Edit: I saved the plan view as a scene and re-sent to LayOut using a standard A3 template, set the viewport scale to 1:50 and exported to DWG. Dimensions were OK. Go figure.

Scaled drawing doesn’t work, either, or drawing a line and inferencing the viewport of that frame 800x800:

(even normal line lengths seem to be of, eg. start a line move mouse for direction, type 10cm and hit enter, than set dimension to high presicion and measure the drawen line);

The problem in my opinion is another. Because if I build a drawing with cad with very precise measurements the amount on layout by adding writings without touching the drawing and then exporting it to dwg for external collaborations, this file somehow the dimensions are no longer the same, slightly, but they are no longer the same. I love what the SketchUp couple does and layout. But sometimes the program gets lost in a glass of water. I understand that it changes little, I am the first not to notice, but with cad this could create problems, of very close double lines or lines not well welded during any modification. Unfortunately with cad 10,000000 it is not 9,999986.