Incorrect dimension exporting from SketchUp Layout to Autocad DWG

Hello everyone, I’m having trouble exporting layout to Autocad dwg. For example, I made two squares 200x200 mm and create a scene from top view and send It to Layout. Both in SketchUp and layout shows the right dimensions ,but when it was exported to DWG and scaled to 200x200, one square showed 200 ,but the other one showed 200,00000017. Is anyone having this issue? :sweat_smile:

Can you share the skp file? it’s probably that the dimensions are wrong on SketchUp as well but there aren’t enough decimals to notice it.

200200.skp (62.5 KB)
layout200200.layout (83.4 KB)

here you go
I made it by typing 200;200 in sketchUp :sweat_smile:

You have length snapping enabled, that can cause this kind of errors. I disabled it and drew a 200x200 square and theres a tiny difference.
Captura de pantalla 2023-12-06 234151

I exported it to layout then to Qcad pro and measured using 8 decimals and both squares are 200x200, maybe you have enabled near point snapping on autocad.

I turned off the length snapping and turned off the near snap on AutoCAD, but dimension still has 0001 at the end :sweat_smile:

Its 6150.0001 mm, that’s one micrometer. Is there a reason you need it to be that exact, I don’t know if it’s a problem with SketchUp or AutoCAD but 1 micrometer is something ridiculously small, It’s not something that will affect the model, if you’re going to 3D print or laser cut to scale, 1 micrometer won’t make any difference, the dimension of that line in meters is 6.1500001 I don’t even know someone that uses 7 decimals, at least on my field, architecture.

This error exists in Layout and in a master plan I have it translates into noticeable problems.

Also, people working with CAD often view these tiny errors as accuracy problems and tend to suspect of the sloppliness of the work of the people sending those files.

In my experience, this is not something to be dismissed.

The best case precision that SketchUp can offer is 0.0254mm

These numbers are all significantly smaller.

That .0001 is 400 times smaller than a human hair. It’s irrelevant unless you are designing semiconductors in SketchUp :smiley:

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0.0001m still annoys the autocad junkies that receive my files.

They need to get a grip :joy:

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People loose too much patience, time and money over 0.0001m

Why did you need to scale it?