Scale Definition not working in 2019 pro for mac?

The right click option to scale definition of a component is not working in 2019 pro? The texture does not reset after scaling. The scale resets, but not the texture. What am I missing?

EXAMPLE.skp (1.2 MB)

I’m not understanding what you asking. Scale Definition does what I would expect it to do after scaling the component.

Hey thanks for the reply. In 2018 it would reset the texture to the correct size after it is stretched during scaling…

Like @DaveR I’m not sure what you mean by “the correct size”. It seems to work as expected for me. Below I first scale the instance, then pull another one from the original definition (as you can see, it is the original size), then rescale definition and finally pull yet another one from the now-rescaled definition. It matches the size of the original rescaled instance, and all the textures look the same.


Edit: on second thought, it does look like the texture is stretched in both the scaled original and the new instance from the scaled definition.

YES SIR. Go super short and long, No change on scale definition… I am looking for it to resize the texture to the materials proper size.

I see the same thing in SketchUp 2018 when I hit Scale Definition. When I open the component for editing after Scale Definition, right click on the face and choose Texture>Reset Position, the texture size is reset. After doing that once, SketchUp remembers the Reset Position and after additional scaling, the texture updates automatically. It’s the same behavior in both 2018 and 2019. It’s not very intuitive but it works and I guess it also gives those who want to have the texture scale with the component that option.

OK, I am not crazy, at least I don’t think I am. Just opened 2018 to record the process and when I went into 2019 to do the same it suddenly worked. I don’t know how or why but thankful it now behaves as it did. I just messed around with the right click reset texture position option in 2019 and it greyed out. I used the position>reset option and it did nothing, except stop scale definition from working again. This seems like odd behaviour to me…