Dimensions move on open/close of component

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A search for this issue yielded no results.

When working in a component, and not a complicated one, I’ll arrange the dimensions so they’re visible in 2D but when I close the component they move. When I open the component again, they return to the configuration I set them to. I’ve looked through the options and don’t find anything related. I’ve restarted the software and the computer. Suggestions are appreciated!

We saw this reported the other day. It turned out in the case the object had been scaled but the definition not updated.

Share the file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

file.skp (535.4 KB)
Thanks Dave, haven’t a clue what that means. :slight_smile:

Just noticed that the components on the left don’t have the same issue. Just those on the right.


You scaled the components on the right without opening them for editing. That means their definition is different than what is displayed. Noticed the Scale Definition is not available when you right click on a component on the left but it is on the component on the right.
Screenshot - 11_18_2021 , 9_06_22 AM

If you fix the component on the right by clicking on Scale Definition, the dimensions won’t move anymore. You will need to update their positions since you added the dimensions before correcting the definition.

If you scale components like that you should always remember to scale their definition.

I’m curious. Why not do your dimensioning in LayOut. You could make a much more prefessional looking job of it.

Are the ends of those pieces supposed to be smooth curves or facets as you’ve drawn them?

That helps, thank you!

I’ll move to LayOut as you suggest.

I’m self-taught and kicking the can down the development road until we can hire a designer that knows what they’re doing. Fortunately our machinist is a patient man. These parts are for water jet, it’s the second iteration and smooth curves are implied. I’ve attempted to smooth them in the past and made a mess of it so I’ve opted to leave them as you see them.

Thanks for your help!

You’re quite welcome.

Understood on the self-taught bit and trying to hire a designer.

FWIW, here’s a quickie in LayOut based on one of your components.

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You’re hired!

How did you import from SU? I attempted to open the SU file in LO and it stiff-armed me.

Thanks too for solving my angle dilemma.

What’s it pay? :slight_smile:

You don’t just open the .skp file in LayOut. Either in SketchUp go to File>Send to LayOut or in LayOut go to File>Insert and select the SketchUp file.

You need to create scenes in SketchUp to show the model as you want it in the views in the document. Here’s an example of a thing I did a little while back. It’s not really intended to be a complete shop drawing but should give you an idea. Each view of the model from a separate scene in the SketchUp file. For the plan, elevation, and section view the Camera was set to Parallel Projection in SU before creating the scene.

You might want to spend some time going through the instructional materials at learn.sketchup.com

A belated thanks for the follow up. I’ll get in front of the tutorials and get up to speed.

Thanks again and enjoy the holidays!

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