Saving To Trimble Connect

Trying to save a drawing to Trimble Connect but a message pops up saying “Update your subscription to continue. You’ve exceeded your allotted Trimble Connect Projects. To create another project, proceed to 3D Modeling Software Pricing – 3D Design Program Cost - SketchUp | SketchUp to purchase a subscription.”

Why am i receiving this if i already have a paid subscription?

Do you use another email address that includes ogeewoodworking in the address?

No i only have my personal email as my log in

If you use the standard browser on your pc and go to and sign in with your personal hot email, are you able to create a new project?

I can save a new folder

Creating a folder in a(n existing) project is not the same.
You should be able to create a new project, though, since that personal email has the subscription.
When you go to, choose My Products, the SketchUp Pro should show up.
One can check the ‘View included apps’ where one can launch Trimble Connect.
If not, there might be something that went wrong while assigning, due to the various linked products.

Re-assigning might trigger the process.

This is done in the Member section in the portal.
(Click on the three dots beyond the email address, and modify the product access. Revoke, wait a few moments and then re-assign it back)

Is there a fix for this error, I have a user with the same problem. Logging in/out and revoking does not solve the problem. Same issue on the web site. I have a support case raised [10675458] but no reply yet.

What SKU was used?