Saving Styles in Layout

I have difficulty making Styles saved as a default choice in my Layout Files. For example: I have a particular Font I like but the default in the “Font” dropdown is different than the one I like. I can context click on the Title I typed, then modify the Font, line size, arrows etc… I can use the Paint Bucket Tool to change all the Titles I’ve done and then paste the favored Style on each one. What would be preferable is to Change it once and the not have to go in and modify each and every Title.
Suggestions on how to save the changes??

Open a new file with your normal template. Place some text and set the font the way you want. Delete that text and save the file as a template and close it. Now open a new file from that template and see if your font is set the way you want and if so set it as default. The same should work for other style settings but I’ve not tested those just now.

For arrows and line thickness, make sure no objects are selected when you set them so you’re setting what will be drawn when you create a new line.

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