Saving Layout styles in template

We use a Layout template to create a default and standardised drawing style. This includes: a title block with various sections and typography choices for text, dimensions & labels. We cannot get it to save the configuration of Styles though (we use hybrid with a 0.25 line weight and no background).

Is this possible to include in the template or is this a feature request?

NB: SketchUp Pro 2016 on Mac 10.11.6

It should save those settings. That’s part of the point of saving a template of your own. Are you using File>Save as template? Are you creating this template on one computer but opening it on another? What happens if you create a new LO file with those text settings and save it as a normal file? When you reopen it, does it show the same settings?

Yeah, I am definitely

  • Using File > Save as template
  • Same computer (but part of this is to standardise across multiple computers)

To clarify though, it is the model styles that aren’t being saved in the template (hybrid rendering, line weight, background turned off). You mention “text settings” so I wonder if you’re thinking of the typography (which is being saved just fine).


You mentioned typography so I gathered that the text settings weren’t being saved.

As for SketchUp viewport rendering and style. those aren’t settings that can be saved as part of the template. The first viewport, anyway, will start as Raster rendered with the line weight at 0.5. Raster render to start is used to prevent things from bogging down as they can with the other render modes.

I suppose this is a feature request then. Thanks all the same.

I suppose it could be a feature request.

You’re welcome. :wink: