Saving Project on Ubuntu


I cannot save my project on Ubuntu.

I am using Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS and SketchUp 2016 Make. I cannot save any of my projects. Nor cannot see .skp files.

COuld you please guide me.

Kind Regards

Test your graphics driver. In SU, go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL and disable Use hardware acceleration. If that works, try updating your graphics driver.

Linux is not an officially supported SketchUp platform.

Saving issues are permissions issues. Install SketchUp via right-click and “Run as administrator”.

It’s also using OpenGL functions in SU for a few years - just over two years now. I’ve only seen that with AMD graphics so far around here. The OP has an Nvidia card, but the driver would be a bit different given the OS. The test is simple.

Question there . . Are you running it in Virtual Box ? I run it there and do not have problems . . I had to install Win 7-1 32 bit and use the 32 bit Sketchup Make 2016
I save the files to the Documents in Windows and copy the file to the folder used for sharing with Linux ( Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit ) . . As I use Slic3r to do layers for Repetier-Host 1.6.1 and print from there
Did you create the folder for sharing on the Ubuntu desktop ?
And in Virtual Box did you add the folder there for sharing items back and forth ?
Have you added the Guest additions and the Extension Pack to Virtual Box ?
Reminds me have to add the update to Sketchup Make yet ! . . down loaded it yesterday just have been really busy with other things . .
The opening of the files is easy just open Documents in Windows and go to your user name there and use the documents there . . Mine finds them easy now . .Oh yeah you have to add the dot skp at the end of the file name or it does not seem to know what to call it ! !