Sketchup workflows on Linux/Ubuntu

Hi everyone,

I was wondering who here might have SketchUp working on an Ubuntu or Linux machine. I have been hoping to transition all of my work into the opensource world, Skp, Blender, Gimp… basically do all Architectural design, graphics and modeling in Ubuntu and Skp.

Im guessing blender for rendering a skp model and gimp to post process. How about any experiences using layout in linux distros for Construction Docs?

Just seeing who can share how their set up is and if their workflow can all be opensource. Maybe some luck with a professional practice using opensource software and Skp?:grinning:

Thanks :smiley:

*sorry if this is not in the best category :confused: new here…

I do it on a laptop with Ubuntu 15.10 using sketchup Make 2016 inside of Win 7-1 and that is inside of Virtual Box . . I let Virtual Box use 2 of my 4 CPU’s and 1.5 gig of my 16 gig of DDR3 ram and only 12o megs video the other 130 megs gets used by Ubuntu
I have a I3 Samsung 2.4 gigaherts 16 gig of DDR3 Ram . . Oh yeah MAX out the amount of Ram in the computer and it will not glitch or slow down . . There are people who seem to think windows is the end all here
In Linux I use Slic3r to slice up the part for Repeiter-Host to make the part with all the work is done in win 7-1 and copied to the share folder which I named win-c.r.a.p . . Shared folder for both to trade files back and forth also has my Quicken folder for running off the desk top of Ubuntu in Wine . . Can’t run Sketchup in wine to big a program

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That was my experience in the past using virtualbox, it seemed the biggest challenge at the time, for whatever reason i couldn’t figure out then, was sharing files between the two, especially in a workflow that requires a lot of back and forth like exporting to a render engine. I was considering doing a live stream of sketchup modeling on twitch using OBS native in ubuntu and all the other software for making rendings. I realized i should probably beef up my hardware to something you have before i even attempt to run skp in virtual box, live stream, render and use Gimp :smile: Thanks for sharing!


Just in case it could be useful to you, here’s the gist on Shared Folders using VirtualBox.

Do keep in mind that SketchUp in not officially supported in virtualized environements

I suggest you test your VM for issues and performance degradation prior to ditching your Windows partition altogether. Personally I opted to continue dual-booting since 3D Hardware Acceleration is still considered experimental in VirtualBox and there is a 256MB limit on the amount of video RAM you can dedicate to your guest and for me it was just not enough.

You could also give the 32bit version of SketchUp 2016 a try in Wine. I have not yet tried it personally but some have had success with it and while it will never be on par with native performances, it might be slighly better as running Wine is less overhead than Windows VM.

Good luck to you :smile:

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Hate it to use Windows in a VM (or at all using Windows or Mac), or using Wine! Just create a native Sketchup application.