Saving Pro 8 SU Layout files as Pro 2015 SU Layout

When I try to save Pro 8 Layout files as Pro 2015 I get an error message and a back up is created.


Did you mean that you are trying to save SU 2015 Layout files back to SU 8 Layout files? Although SU is backwards compatible, you can’t save an older version’s file as a more recent version.



Recently upgraded to 2015.

Tried to save Pro 8 files as 2015 as I am having problems editing text if I have Pro 8 and 2015 layouit files open at the same time.

This sounds like a bit of a head scratcher. I assume you are using LO 2015 to open the LO 8 files. If that is the case and you are then finding it difficult to save the file as a version 2015, try it with no other programs running and only the target LO file open. If you can successfully open the file with LO 2015, then you certainly should be able to save it with the same program.

Thanks for your thoughts on this one.

Just opening a Pro 8 Layout file.

Dialogue box advises me that this is a version 3 file - click OK.

Tried to save file as .layout file assuming that this will convert file to 2015.

Advised …error saving file, revert to last saved file…which I can’t.

Only this file open.

A simple error perhaps??
Should I save all the source SU drawings as 2015 first?

That sounds like a good idea.

(Do this in a new directory and keep backups of the old versions in another directory.)

Please describe the problems.


Hi Gully

When I was using SU Pro 8 with version 3 of LO I could have two files open at the same time and copy text etc. from one to the other - I am an architect and this is a very useful, time saving feature. I would double click on one text box, copy the text I needed and then paste onto a page in the other file.

Since up-dating to 2015, I can double click on the first text box, but then have to paste the whole box onto the page the second file and then extract the text I require.

Can I not operate how I used to?