Saving a file in SketchUp Pro

I have just upgraded to the SketchUp Pro 2015 but as soon as I launched it for the first time (displaying a model) I get a message telling me that the file was created using a previous version and if I save it in this Pro version, I won’t be able to load it in a previous version…

How do I then send the file to my other colleagues for editing and viewing if they only use the free version? Does this literally mean I am forever bound to only using Pro?

That message was about opening the file in older versions, like SU2014 or older. You can open SketchUp files in SketchUp Make 2015 that was made in SketchUp 2015 Pro with no need to convert.

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I have a similar issue, but involving saving a pro 2014 file. I have been using pro 2014, and have recently loaded pro 2015, and was hoping to use the two alongside till I get Layout in pro 2015 set up the way I like. To my surprise, when I open a file created using pro 2014, it opens it with pro 2015, with apparently no way to save it as a pro 2014 file. Any suggestions as to keep these two programs separate? I’m on a mac, using Yosemite, could this be a factor?


to open a single file in an app other than the default, right-click-> Open With:

if you want to change the default application to open all similar file types, Right-Click-> Get Info-> choose application and ‘Change All’

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when doing a ‘Save As…’, you’ll be able to save to past sketchup versions (same as what thomthom is showing earlier in the thread)… so, you can work in su2015 then save the file as 2014 so anybody else needing to open the file with 2014 will be able to do so.

[edit]-- personally, i’d recommend always working in the most up to date version you have (2015) and save as different versions when needed for colaboration. (unless you have other reasons such as using a plugin which hasn’t been updated to the newer su version yet etc)


Thanks Jeff, I see the value of the “save as”. What I would like to do is save a file in the 2014 format, and also work on the file in the 2014 format. When I open a 2014 file, I’m working within the 2015 format until saved, and the problem is my personal scrapbooks, templates, materials etc, don’t exist in the 2015 format yet. I’m still in the process of moving them.

Hi again, think I answered my own question. Is it true that I can only use one version of pro at a time? Ie, set as the default? Looks like I will need to get the layout stuff migrated to 2015 asap. Thanks again!

You can still work in 2014 all you need to do is open sketch up pro 2014 then navigate to the model file you want to open, rather than double clicking the file to open in the program.

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