Saving Layout Files

I’m trying to save multiple single Layout Files into one File. (Ex. 5 pages of a drawing with a Title Page). How do I do this?

Copy the content on each page of the individual LayOut files and paste it into a master LayOut file. Repeat until you have all of the pages copied into the file.

Was creating a single LayOut file the plan from the beginning?

If I try to copy a page from one file, Add an additional Page in another file and try and paste, it only copies the image and not the dimensions I input.

That would imply that you aren’t also selecting the dimensions to copy. Or perhaps you have a Dimensions layer in both LO files but the layer is hidden in the destination file. Share both LO files so we can see what you’ve got set up.

Here I’m select the viewports and all of the dimensions to copy and then pasting into a new document. You can see that everything I selected was copied over.

Len Office- Front Elevation- Wall A.layout (6.2 MB)

Seems to work fine…

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As Mike indicates, it works fine for me,as well.

I’m not sure what you’re clicking on after you highlight the image? If I click to add a page in Layout, copy the entire image, try pasting it to Page 2, I am still getting the image only and not the dimensions.

You have to select the dimensions to copy them, too.

A right to left selection window in the original file selects the viewport and the dimensions so they all get copied. The only image in your file is the logo image in the title block.

I see, I was trying to copy left to right. Thanks

Ctrl-A also selects everything on the LayOut page.

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I was able to use a left to right selection window on my model because the viewports I was copying aren’t a whole lot larger than the model. A right to left selection on yours was required because your viewport is so large.

Why are you copying pages from within the same file? Just use the duplicate button…

Screenshot 2024-07-08 at 16.59.47

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I was referring to copying a seperate Layout file page into a current one

So from one file to another as we showed in the videos we posted?

OK. Then it works. Sometimes though it is easier to just do a Save As… and delete the pages your don’t need - this way all the layers and such come through.

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Since the OP hasn’t actually created any layers in their template for thie document in question that’s not a big deal in this case.

@stanko_putica if you were to create a proper template with layers for different entity types, Mike’s suggestion is a good one. Or just make sure you copy to a template with the same layer names as in the original document.

Is there a way to copy and paste the information that i input in the Titleblock as well?

Include it in your selection when you copy.