Saving files takes far too long

I am moving new projects to 2023. At times, like the first file save, the file save process takes a very long time. This is on small file sizes as I start a project. Has anyone experienced this?

Where are you saving the files to?

Main SSD. Very fast drive. I did check for upgrades, and the message noted an update is available. I didn’t know there was an update.

Make sure when you install the update that you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

From which old version are you moving from? 2021 introduced a new, more compact SKP file format so that saving the first time would mean that the whole file is rewritten.


I am transitioning from 2022 Pro to 2023. I was in 2023 when I received the “new version” message. So, I assume there is an update from the original 2023 release. Right?

There was a maintenace release of 2023 in the last week or so. Did you install that and do it as I directed?

I am an administrator in my account, so I assumed it would load as administrator. But I’ll check.

That’s not the same as right clicking and choosing Run as administrator when you run the installer.

I’ve noticed occasionally the cursor’s “progress wheel” lingers a little longer than it typically would when saving. My workaround has been to go to the Trimble Connect options and publish the model. That seems to snap it out of it, so to speak.