Saving file takes a long time?

I was working on this Sketchup project and it started to take over a minute to save it, I did a Google search but could not find an answer.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank youTaliesen 1 Table Lamp.skp (526.9 KB)

Where are you saving the file to?

That part with the grooves and the hole in it might also be causing the problem. 2000 sides for the edge of the circle is ridiculously extreme. It causes a long save time on my machine, too.

although I doubt it would impact save time, there are four instances of your “Part No. 1” stacked up on the right side of the base. I expect you delete 3 of them without hurting anything.

Taliesen 1 Table Lamp revised.skp (160.2 KB)

After cleaning up the model and reducing the number of sides for the circles in that part to 96, the file size is substantially reduced. Save time is greatly reduced as well.

As @DaveR has mentioned, managing polygon and edge count is crucial bringing file size down, which contributes to the saving time.

Additionally, if there is a lot of edge and shadow shown, it will take a lot longer to save because, SketchUp is trying to export that image as jpg to save up the thumbnail you see when browsing for the file. Thus, SketchUp is trying to not only save the file on your disk, but also write out a image file to use as your icon.

You can turn off this function -
but also keep in mind that you won’t be seeing thumbnail of your model updated even after additional saves.
That’s your choice :smiley:

Its a ‘bug’ / feature that a lot of people run into. This question is asked once in a while - still hoping it gets ‘fixed’ in a next release.
Try disabling: window -> model-info -> file -> redefine thumbnail on save (uncheck that option)
This makes saves of my files (<50Mb) instant again on an SSD.

edit: I see Joseph beat me to it while I was typing

I certainly wouldn’t call it a bug.

@DaveR -> Hence my single quotes.
It’s at least annoying.Depending on what I’m working on, the plugins I’m using, my save count for a day may be more than 50 times. Having to wait half a minute or more before a thumbnail is rendered isn’t very nice if you just want to do a quick manual save.

to demonstrate Dave’s point, I did a quick render of your original files two ‘circles’ after applying a brushed metal material to ‘highlight’ the differences in the edge counts, I can’t see them…


Thanks for your help you were right. It was the 2000 edges for the circle.Big mistake! But I did learn from it.Thanks to all

92MB taking 34 minutes to save INSANE!!

Are you saving into a cloud?

34 minutes does seem quite excessive. To get a feel for the storage media performance, how long does it take to make a copy of the file into the same location?

In my experience much of the time required to save a model file can be consumed by verification of the model geometry and structure. If you check the Model Info window, how many edges, faces, and component instances etc. are in the model? If you disable the auto-verify on save (via Preferences…) what is the time to save a new version?

the reason for this is also because it makes it impossible to group components because of the lag which also increases the save time. Also working with imported files from a client that reduce the performance once unhidden… just a few more days left on this project at least… but would be great if the select tool would just work.

saving to USB, if that makes any difference

Your profile shows “Intel® HD Graphics” for your graphics card.

Which model Intel card are you using?

It does. An USB stick is several times slower than your internal drive. Besides, opening files and/or saving directly to an USB stick wears it down much faster than saving on your internal drive and copying the result over to your USB device only when finished. Most computer applications perform additional read/write operations on the drive where a document is stored beside the actual saving. That is why, too, it is dangerous to let a drive become too full.

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where would i find the model?

Are you saying that you wouldn’t be able to find the sketchup model if you saved it to the internal hard drive?