Too long to close sketchup files

Need help to know why take long long time to save and close sketchup files on this new version 23.0.419 file size almost 450MB

450 Mb is a huge file. Where are you saving it to?

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If there are a lot of edges in the model, and the SketchUp preferences are set to perform a validity check on the geometry during saves, then that can take quite a while. (In one of my models with 10+ million edges and a somewhat slow computer, it can take one or two minutes to save a file.)

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On a SDD 128MB, I work long time ago with this files size and this problem appeared when updated the last version 2023

It would be interesting to see the file. Maybe there’s something that can be done to speed it up. Can you share it?

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Has it ever been purged?

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That’s one of my questions. Something I would check into along with a few other things that would make a model slow.

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That’s the reason it’s taking so long, you must have a lot of stuff there, as Dave suggested, it would be a good idea to share the file so he or someone else can check on it, I’m sure it can be optimized.

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I purged it and unset validity check on the geometry, these actions reduced the time a lot.
Thanks all of you!

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How can you save a 440 MB file on a 128 MB drive. It must be 128 GB drive ?

I am just asking to be sure.

Of course, advices of purging are totally valid and, yes, saving such a large file may take a while.

It´s obviously a mistake, it´s impossible to save a file that exceeds the capacity of the storage device.

Keep in mind that if in the future you cause the Validity Check operation to execute, it might find and “fix” a host of problems that are difficult and time-consuming to track down and resolve. (In my experience with finely-detailed small-scale models, the “fixes” or “improvements” to the geometry performed by Validity Check always damages the geometry - deleting edges and leaving holes - requiring manual effort to restore components to Solidity.)

That’s been my observation as well. The problems fixed by the check involve errors in the geometry database, not necessarily the kinds of model flaws that a user can see or fix.

sorry, my drive is 128GB