Question on using the "repair" option


Hi all,

I’m having really slow response times during saves in 2018Pro. The files aren’t that huge.

If I run repair as administrator, will I lose my plug-ins/extensions?




No. The extensions will be fine. Did you use Run as administrator when you first installed SketchUp 2018 Pro?


Dave, I think I did.

But I installed it many months ago and it’s just recently that I’ve noticed this saving lag.

However that was the answer I was looking for on the extensions.

As always, thank you Dave!



I hope that takes care of the issue. Are you saving locally? Are you purging unused before saving?


It won’t hurt to perform the repair option while reinstalling as an administrator and it may help with the noticeable lag issue.


To both Dave and SUM, it did help, got the saves down to 4 seconds (more or less) from 30 plus seconds. I wish it had helped with Layout!

But thanks all.



Yes and yes.


How big is the LayOut file?


LOL, let’s not go there again. Remember my hidden door file? It never got done because Layout is unwieldy.


We gotta get you making better SU files so LO isn’t unwieldy. :smiley:


OK, I’ll upload this one to the warehouse. LO, takes 3 to 4 minutes for every minute change. And I’ll load the LO file to drop box. I really hope you can explain what the deal is. Give me a few minutes.


Sorry wanted to remove a link that probably shouldn’t have been posted publicly.


I get a “file is uploading” message on Drop Box and just an image from the Warehouse link.


OK, I’ve missed the mark. Because that’s what I see too!
Bare with me, I’ll get it!


The LO file is downloading now. And I can get the SKP file out of the LO file.

Why is the ISO view showing as modified?


I threw the model up on the warehouse, but for the life of me I can’t get the link.


It’s called “For Dave”


I’m looking at the SKP file embedded in the LO file. Does it need all the detail you show?


LOL, because no matter what I try to do, to get the view I want I have to “modify” sometimes. ant on this one I don’t really think it matters.


Probably not, and I’m sure I could have modeled all my circles with twelve sides. The screw-jacks are the boost to the poly count.
The model size is still tiny.