Saved sketch up model under wrong file extension?


Hello, I seemed to have just lost 2 hours worth of work because I accidently saved it as a .layout, and under the free version I do not have layout, so I can not re-open it.

I’m in the habit of saving files with multiple “dots”, such as basement.2d.floorplan or in this case; basement.2d.layout, as in “basement layout”, not Sketchup/layout. However this is the first time I have encounterd this problem. I see the file, but can not open it. Since I did save it I don’t think the auto-recover will work, at least I can’t find a file anywhere…



just rename the file with .skp. and it should work.
Personally I use underscore instead of a period for naming files.


Thanks. It looks like I can rename to file to whatever but not the extension…


Are you on PC or Mac.

For PC, I think it’s:
Right-Click and select Properties
And choose extension

For Mac, You can type out the extension when renaming


I can get into properties but there is no mention of the word “extension”. I’ve already re-done what I have lost, but I’d like to solve the issue if possible, but please don’t feel obligated to put much effort into it.