Saved on the cloud, 1 month after, nothing!

Hi !

I drew many things one month ago. I come today to give some modifications, and… nothing !!!

Thanks to not allow me to save on my computer and finally lose everything…

Is there any solution ? Except wasting hours to do it again ?

Thank you for you help


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The usual reason is you have signed in with the wrong email.

Thank you.

I checked obviously and went back the email they sent me to confirm the account. And no, it’s the right email.

When you first signed in you used Sign in with Apple, and opted to hide your email address. That won’t be a problem, so long as you sign in with Apple each time. If you directly signed in with your Apple ID email address, without using sign in with Apple, you will appear to be a new person.

Or you have done the reverse of what I said. The account that was signed in with Apple was started in early December, the account that uses your gmail address was started in November 2020.

I tried with both, and no it’s like I’m new…

My gmail adress, with Apple ID. It’s a mystery for me.

Looking at the dates, signing in with Trimble (or Google), using your gmail address, should see the older files.

The way Apple ID works, you are led to believe you are signing in with your Apple ID email, but the site that you sign into only sees a privaterelay email address. You have two accounts, one under the real gmail address, and one under the privaterelay address. For your interest, if you look at the emails from us the recipients list should show you the privaterelay address that we are given.

Another option, in System Preferences, Apple ID, Passwords & Security, Apps Using Apple ID/Edit…, select the entry for App Id for Trimble, and Stop using Apple ID.

After that you could sign in with Apple, only this time don’t hide your email address. You then could sign in with Trimble, Google, or Apple, and see the same older models. The newer models you made in December would get stranded, you might want to download those before making the Apple ID change.

Here’s what that settings looks like:

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