Help with Account

Sorry if this is off topic but I’m getting a little frustrated and not sure what else to do. I have a support case open, but after several emails attempting to explain the situation, I feel like I keep going back to square 1.

Problem - I created an account with Apple ID Login and chose to hide my email. This created a privaterelay email that relays email to my real Apple ID email address. Not being familiar with the process, I thought deleting the account and privaterelay in iCloud/Apple ID would delete the connection to Sketchup. Alas, it does not and it still logs me into Sketup with Apple ID but the email on the account at Sketup is to the privaterelay email. I can’t even delete the account because it asks for a code that is sent to a privaterelay email address that no longer exists.

I’ve asked tech support to change the account email to my actual email address so that I can either continue using and receive automated emails from sketchup or delete the account and just recreate it with Apple ID login.

Support initially said that there are no issues with the account. I re-explain the situation. Support then tells me to create a new account and just log in to the new account. I explain it again and they send me a link to show me how to delete the account in Apple ID which is what caused this whole problem to begin with.

I need the email changed on the account so I can receive the code If I wante to delete the account and recreate it. OR if ihey change the email address on the account, then I should be able to receive automated emails on that account from Sketup.

So… Million Dollar Question - How do I get this resolved? I’d like to continue using Apple ID but it has an email address that I cannot receive email on….

Just shoot me please! Now support thinks I’m having problems logging with Apple ID. All I want is the email address changed to the account deleted so that I can recreate with the RIGHT email address so that I can use Apple ID to log in to the app. This is really getting frustrating explaining the issue over and over again

Can you tell me what date you paid for SketchUp Pro? Did you buy it through a distributor?

If I can track down your order I should be able to suggest a way to solve the problem.

I haven’t purchased Sketchup Pro yet. I was going to buy it on the Apple ID account, but since I can’t receive emails on that account, I’m hesitant to buy it till the account issue gets resolved. I created another account on suggestion from support but i have to log in separately and not via Apple ID to use it. I do plan to purchase sketchup pro when the account issue gets resolved and I can use my Apple ID account.

Thanks for the reply. Check the last message I sent to you.

Hi Im having similar issues with my SketchUp Go for iPad. I purchased a subscription with hide my email in the Privacy Setting. Now I cannot Restore the App so that it can fully work. This is very frustrating, All my other apps work with subscription on my iOS devices. Its just SketchUp Go. Need help URGENT As I have a project to Complete. Thanx

I traded emails with technical support and they were finally able to fix my problem.

When you sign in to sketch up with Apple ID, it should be tired to the unique Apple ID and not the email: my problem was that I went into iCloud to delete the private relay email and there is no way to recover from that . In your case iCloud and Apple ID should still be there provided tou synched to iCloud.

What happens when you sign into skechup on the iPad using Apple ID? Technically should be same if and they purchase is there

If you use the hide my email on any website this sends a fake email address through and your account will have been created with that as the login- you will need to use this fake email address to log in.

If you log into with the fake email you provided , you can change it to a a real actual one and this may solve your issues.