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I have been working in a trial version for 2 weeks and all was fine. Now I bought Sketchup pro and I cannot use it because chrome refuses connection at log in.
I wonder if this is caused by using the same email address for both the trial (suspended) and my paid pro subscription?
i can delete the trial account but I am afraid to do so because the paid one is on the same e-mail addres…

If you delete an account, you actually delete the Trimble ID. Not efficiënt, for it looses the assets (=subscription)
Check if there is another account (arrow beyond the current) if you don’t see the product.

Than, check to see if that email address is also a member in the member section.

If not, assign it to that email address. If you see another email there and the seat count is 1-0, hoover over the end of that email’s line and remove that. Seat count would then be 0-1. Then assign the email that you wanna use in SketchUp.

In SketchUp, just sign out and back in with that members email…

Thank you Mike!
I do have 2 accounts with the same e-mail address but the problem is not finding the product. I can see my license is active. I just cannot load it.

When I go to launchpad to launch Sketchbook pro. It starts " controlling Sketchup". then it’s directed to chrome to sign in and then the connection is refused. My macbook is a brand new M1

Did you by chance used the apple sing in?
There is an option to hide the actual email address and then a totally different Trimble Id is created.

The email address being the sole unique identifier, causes some confusion for ‘normal’ people.

It has to do with what happens at the ‘back end’

The controlling each time indicates that it’s not installed and you actually start a SketchUp session from the installer image disc.
You have to ‘mount it’ first by double clicking the .dmg file amd then simply drag the SketchUp icon in to that of the application folders icon in the panel that appears.

I checked your accounts, and you did the trial as yourself, but bought Pro under your company name. That shouldn’t matter, you did continue to use your real email address. The Apple ID things Mike mentioned don’t apply to you.

There is no reason for Chrome to fail for Pro when it worked ok for the trial, the SketchUp program is identical.

Try going into System Preferences, General, and set Safari to be the default browser. If that then works there may have been a Chrome update that has affected things. I happen to know that there was an update recently, and it has had some issues that Google should fix in the next update.

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Wow Great, that worked!

I did try the url on Firefox and Safari but that didn’t work.
But setting Safari to be my default browser was the clue!

Thank you so much Colin!

Kind regards,
Edith de Roy

Unfortunately I can still not launch sketchup pro on my desktop computer though. I get the same error both in chrome, edge and firefox. How to solve this? i already checked proxy server. disabled windows firewall.

When you see the address that starts with, edit the URL and change the first part,, to be localhost instead. For example, if at first it says this:

change it to be:


then press Return to go to that page instead.

The ‘12345’ is just an example, it will be a different number for you.