Problem to login with my APPLE ID

Today I tried to log in Sketchup Web Free with my Apple ID but when i put my credentials it doesent let me in but back me to the inital page and ask me to put my user name and passowrd again. I tried many times but it still does not allow me to my account. So I do not have access to my work. Do you know what can be the reasone?

It looks like you have an account with an Outlook email address. Try signing in the regular way, with that email address instead of using sign in with Apple.

My apple id and gmail is, I always use them to login but today it does not work. When I try to log in with my google account works but not with my apple id. My work is in the apple id account and i need to get in. Is there any chance to transfer my work from the apple id account to my google account?

Hi! Please advise if there any chance this to be fixed and to see my projects again?

If it helps, I had a similar issue today with Apple ID. It seemed to go in circles but finally worked.

Please advise how you fixed the problem and how much time it took you, because i still have it.Every time i try to log in it just takes me back to the initial page and asks me again to put the credentials of my Apple ID.

Sign into this page:

In the Security section is an option to Manage your APPS & WEBSITES USING APPLE ID, click on that.

Click on App Id for Trimble identity.

Under Hide My Email, click the Copy Email button, to copy the email address. It will be something like

You can then use that address as a regular Trimble ID sign in. But, it’s highly likely you won’t have signed in that way before, so do the Forgot password option. In the Forgot password email field put in that same email address, then look in your regular Apple ID mailbox for a password reset link. Click on the reset link, and again use the address, and enter a password that complies with the requirements, and that is one you will remember.

After the password reset works you can then sign in from within SketchUp using that same email address, and your new password, using the regular Trimble ID sign in, and not the sign in with Apple option.

It kept leading me back to the sign in again, even though there was no error message. Finally it worked.

A few people have reported this. I’m not sure if it’s an Apple issue or us, but I will alert my colleagues about the issue.

Hello Colin!
I tried with the hidden Apple email as you recommended, but it does not work.It tells me there is no such e-mail registered in trimble and as an apply ID for log in. Please let me know if you have any server where you save such projects which are in the free version accounts?I save all my projects in my account in the free version and I wonder if you have some data based where they are saved and you can recover them?

I will send you a direct message.

Okay! Thanks you Colin!

While handy, Trimble Connect is not just another cloud storage, it’s actually ‘Project software’ that can manage your projects. While storage is important for managing, you should also have a backup/hardcopy if you value your work.

Hi! MikeWayzovski.
I have all my projects on paper ,but I really need them in the sketchup program,too. It is very important for me to have them back.

Then, for future reference, create a project folder locally (on your machine) , too.
Download your created models and save then in that folder.

What browser do you use? Ready to clear all cookies and cache?
Sometimes, that works for getting into the right account.
Or look up passwords and signin’s first.

Looking for ‘Trimble’ or ‘sketchup’ in the keychain app might help, too

I restarted the browser and also try with different ones and it does not there any chance to restore the information that was saved on my apple id account?

I’m curious. Have you tried starting a new project to see what happens with it? Can you access it later after signing out? If you are going to use SketchUp for your hobby going forward, it might be useful to give that a try.

Hi DaveR!
I log in with my Google account, start a project and then log out of my Google account. when I log in again with my account, my project is saved as before in apple id

I am familiar with sketchup and in general I know how to work with it. I just want to know if there is a chance for my projects to be restored in any way?

I have this same problem too! Have been trying for hours in hopes that it eventually logs in like some said. Still doesn’t work.