Account disappeared

I joined the forum with my email but I can’t enter with it .
Thank you for helping,

Please don’t post your e-mail on a public forum. It is forbidden in the guidelines and it is there for all the bots to harvest. You should edit it out.

In the past I think you did the 30 day trial with your iCloud email. Then when you joined the forum you used your gmail address, but you used the Sign in with Apple option. You then chose the ‘hide my email’ setting.

Which means, if you sign in with Trimble or Google using your gmail address it will seem like you don’t exist in the forum. Try using the sign in with Apple option again.

Hi Colin!
thank you for your message.
I would like to log in with the email roads… but I can’t…I don’t know why. And if I try to recreate an account with this my new email the system reply me that this email address is not allowed…

Your roads email was blocked for some reason. Try signing up with that one again. Do you know of a reason the email might have been blocked? If there was a good reason, it may need to be blocked again! But I unblocked it for now.

@jody will be back tomorrow, I will check with him why you were blocked. Meanwhile, I added the roads email as an alternate address for your account. Look for an email that just arrived.

I can’t still login with roads… account. I would like to know me too what’s happened and why the account was blocked. Thank you for the assistance, Roy