Saved As HELP!

I was working on a project all week and for some reason, I thought it was saving and I saved as a blank document! is there a way i can undo my save as and get my drawing back!?!?!?

I have a similar problem, I worked on a 3D model for a week and this morning for some reason the file got overwritten by another model. that was still in the making, I already went through the Properties to see if I can go through the file recovery, but no dice, no back up to be found. So I would love to know if there is a way to get it back, Using SketchUp8

If you upload the blank file, then maybe I can see if anything is still there. Just drag and drop the file into a reply.

Although, if you deleted your model, then saved… You’re probably out of luck. I’d recommend saving a copy periodically next time you’re working on a long-term project. And make sure to open it and see if the copy worked.