Can't Save, Save As, or Export

EDIT: In the time it took me to write this message, the system seems to have recovered as my “File > Save As” version has been saved. Nonetheless, I will report this situation because it has been a scary and frustrating experience for my work to have seemed lost for so long.


I just created a model using the free web version of Sketchup. A box popped up with the title “”, the message “Failed to save file”, and an “OK” button. I now get the same result when I try to File > Save As to a new filename and when I try to File > Export > STL.

I know it saved earlier because I successfully opened it by logging in with a different browser. However, the version that opened does not have all the latest changes.

This is a simple model with just 7 solids and a few dimensions. I’ve only been working on this model for 3 hours.

I was able to Print to PDF and Export to PNG. My model still shows my various “Scenes”, and I can still make changes to it.

Is there any way to recover my most recent work?

I don’t see the version number reported anyplace, but I am using the free web version of Sketchup that is currently released.

Any help would be appreciated.