Lost saved work

My daughter has been working hard on her college project for months now, last night she saved her work but when she went to go back on it this morning it seems to have reverted to a version form about a week ago. She has screen shots of the work she did, has anyone experienced anything similar and can give any advise on how we can retrieve the lost work? the project is due to be submitted soon so really important we get the work back.


Also is there a contact No. for SketchUP technical department?

You can contact technical support here - https://help.sketchup.com/en/contact-support/technical-question/form

Tech support is likely not going to be able to find a SketchUp file for her. They may be able to assist in a corrupted file, but this is not the case here.
The likely culprit is she saved to somewhere else, did a Save As - or did not save. Maybe she had autosave turned off?

I have contacted the via the web site, but we’re waiting for them to contact us. I can’t be sure but believe it’s some sort of glitch as she has been working and saving it for the past week, it was only yesterdays save that seems to have lost the last 5 days saves. can’t say for sure it’s not user error but can’t see how the user could do that.

What version is she really using, let’s see that screenshot? Where is the file stored? Is she using SU pro, the desktop application on her computer? What kind of computer? In this case it’s likely some confusion in her file system, she either saved the file somewhere else under a different name or has inadvertently thrown out the correct file, or never saved the work. Files on the hard drive do not magically revert themselves. Open SketchUp and navigate to open recent or recent files, or do a search on the hardrive.

Or… more likely as its a school project she is using the online version of SketchUp, running in a web browser? In this case it is possible she has inadvertently made two accounts when signing up. Having signed in with one account she has completed 5 days of work and then signed out. Signing in again with a different account username she would see a completely different set of files stored online in association with that account and the previous work would not appear.

It is a painful but very important lesson in saving. Most design professionals like myself use a new version number for every significant save, creating duplicate files representing iterations and a built in backup trail. For any given project I may have 20-50 numbered version saved. So the loss of the “latest” version is never a catastrophe. Never all eggs in one basket. Good Luck :+1:

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Thanks for the reply.
Something is up, I watched with my own eyes her open up a project she completed last year, she saved it then closed it when we opened it up seconds later it looked completely different as if most of the information was missing.

Can you share the .skp file with us?

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We still need to know what version she is using and what kind of computer and operations system she has.

But yes, post the .skp file in a response here and let’s see what is going on.

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she is using SU Go on her iPad
fmp.skp (1.1 MB)

This is a screen shot of it before she saved it.

This is what it looks like for her now

SketchUp for iPad has the ability to save locally to the iPad, or to Trimble Connect. I would check to see if that is the issue. For the file saved on Trimble Connect - you can see the versions and when the model was published to Trimble Connect.

I see that the file is shared via SketchUp for Web. When a file is shared then SketchUp may perform a save in the background in order to keep the shared link up-to-date.

This is my hypothesis:

  1. Your daughter has a week-old copy of the model open in SketchUp for Web in a tab on a computer somewhere.
  2. Some form of autosave has caused that old file to be uploaded to Trimble Connect.
  3. When she opens the model from the iPad, that “lastest” version is opened, which is actually the one recently saved from a stale browser tab.

Regardless of what caused this problem, the resolution is probably the same. Open the revision history and find the one you want. You can open the model revision history from SketchUp for Web or Trimble Connect. In SketchUp for Web you can restore the revision and it should appear again on SketchUp for iPad.


I think @paul_hudlow is on to something… the first two images show SU for iPad… the third one (what it looks like now) looks like it is open in the web app… I would guess that a more recent version may still be on the iPad, saved locally?