All my work has disappeared AGAIN


Im saving my wok constantly and a big chunk has dispersed again i need to talk to someone from sketch up this cant keep happening.


Which version of SketchUp (web, local?)?
Where did you save it (web, local, sync folder, external drive, thumb drive)?


Just saved it via the save bar as i always do. I saved last night turned computer off, came to it this morning everything was still there so it was definitely saved. did some more work on the drawing saved it turned computer off, came back then work going back a week was gone. About 8 layers have gone, some layers were created last week. i’ve definitely not deleted it. but this same thing happened last week work just disappeared and ive been saving especially since i lost work last week.

ive had two bug splats in the last week also maybe there is something wrong but i cant afford to lose this work


just bought sketch up pro so its new in the last 3 months


got clients coming tomorrow :exploding_head:


contact number is 07398140405 UK


was working on these layers this morning


There was about 12 to 15 layers this morn now theres 8






Again, @pashbyltdWhere are you saving the .skp file, not how.


Into a folder

on my pc


if the “Create backup” option is enabled you may want check the according “.SKB” file in the same folder (macOS: “~.SKP”):

besides of this, for important projects do not just save but do a “save as” and save to a new file by adding an incrementing number as e.g. “xyz.01.skp” etc. from time to time.

Having backups doesn’t harm either, which can be automated and reduced to selected folders or changed files only.


IDK. I don’t see any hidden geometry (which could explain where something disappeared to).

Just last week, I had the experience of somehow deleting some tricky framing (layover cripples), and I have no recollection of how. Luckily, I got them back with a whole lot of undo’s (maybe 20 or 30 steps).

I’m willing to guess undo history is wiped clean once you close a file?


the title “autosave” in my experience indicates a file saved on the cloud. Are you using the cloud occassionally? Are you opening files from the quick access menu?


cloud ?


this is how the settings were when i opened this


Isn’t the “Autosave_” file what you’re left with when SketchUp actually crashes? (as apposed to a regular backup file)


Like DropBox, iCloud Drive or Google G-Drive. Are you saving to a local folder on you’re own hard drive, or on one of these cloud service?


local folder on hard drive