How to recover a lost project

Hi, new to Sketchup. Ive been busy with a project and keep hitting SAVE every now and then, but when I closed a second project I didnt need to save that and it seemed to have closed the current project as well. Problem is, now its gone back to the version I started with this morning, lost all that I was busy with. Ive tried to do an autosave recovery, but this isnt activated, but I dont understand why normal save wouldnt have saved my project. Any help would be appreciated as Ive come to far to have lost all Ive done today!

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile is confusing when considered with the category. And the version matters as far as trying to help you.

Im using 2019

2019 is the desktop pro version and not the free web version your profile indicates. Where have you been saving your work? You should be saving it to your local drive on your computer. Have you opened the folder where you were saving to look at the file?