Save icon in toolbar

Hello. Is there a tool in the Mac version with an icon for the toolbar for ‘save’? There is in the iPad version and it’s very handy.


Cmnd+S is the shortcut for saving.

Yes, thanks. I’d like to know if there’s a toolbar icon.
It’s much easier for me to click on an icon than drop my mouse and use the keyboard
every time.
Is there a toolbar icon for ‘Save’?


the best I can offer is two clicks. file/save

You really don’t have a Standard Toolbar for Mac?!?

This in Windows:

customization is different, we have a topbar and we can add single icons to it as we see fit.

plus, some extension come with their own toolbar.

But no, no standard toolbar on mac.

Someday, we’ll finally have the same UI on both… someday :slight_smile:

Yes, in Windows. On a Mac there’s no “Toolbars” under “View”.

I guess they don’t think Mac users want to save stuff! :grimacing:

I’m sure that’s not the case. Probably figure Mac users don’t need to waste tool pallet space on in because the keyboard shortcut is easy enough.

no, we’re just superior users, we don’t need an old floppy disc icon to save, either we go to the menu, or the shortcut :clown_face:

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No, on Mac there is no “standard” toolbar (called palette on Mac), nor is a save icon included in any existing palette or in the icons you can customize into the main toolbar stripe at the top of the window.

Being just a user, I have no knowledge of why this detail is different on Windows vs Mac. I can speculate about two possibilities, though. Perhaps the devs thought having a menu item with a keyboard shortcut was sufficient, that nobody would want an toolbar button too. Perhaps they were thinking that Save is not a Tool, whereas (almost) all of the other buttons activate Tools (print and make component seem like exceptions to me).

For 2023, the Windows UI was ported to the Qt framework. Reportedly work is underway to convert the Mac UI as well. Perhaps when that is completed, many of the arbitrary, OS-dependent differences will be eliminated?

Oh poor Mac users, don’t suffer any longer… :innocent:

To have a Save icon (Toolbar) Install it as a “normal” extension. (…but it’s not, like me…)

save_icon_for_poor_Mac_users.rbz (4.0 KB)


The code is “dirty”… sorry :blush:
The icon should be okay.

:beers: :peace_symbol:

PS: I would definitely like to participate in the Extension of the YEAR competition with this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not all heroes wear capes.

what’s odd is you have a font icon, super useful in SU (places where you can change font also have a font panel).
but not this obvious one.

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Really? For me it’s much easier and faster to hit Cmnd+S with my left hand that is usually on the keyboard. I don’t use the save icon even on windows where there is one, Ctrl+S is the way I save.

Many people work in different ways, those that are touch type comfortable will find a keyboard shortcut faster but lots of people don’t work with their hand on the keyboard.
I for one almost never use an actual keyboard.