Place a "SAVE" icon in tools

Have a SAVE icon in tools.

Whats wrong with just Crtl+S? seems like a waste of space in the tool bar, and hot key is faster than mouse click. Plus you also have auto-saves if you’re nervous about forgetting to save.

There is a Save icon in the standard toolbar. Along with copy paste etc

really? I never saw it, or maybe it’s not in the Mac version

I don’t know about Mac, but in Win it is a specific toolbar called Standard.

I couldn’t find it on the Mac version, so maybe it’s one of those differences between Mac/PC.

I don’t see it on the Mac version either. At first I thought “whats the point”? but I got to thinking of a save icon that would actually be helpful (to me). What if there was a “save” button/icon that had a subtle pomodoro clock-like overlay that was synced to the SketchUp autosave settings? Autosave always seems to kick in at inopportune times on large projects. Being able to glance at the pomodoro-save icon would help users mentally prepare for the few seconds of auto-save anguish. OR if there were some big changes to the model halfway through the pomodoro cycle, the user could have a little visual reminder to manually save.

If any regular SketchUp users haven’t ever asked “Arg, why didn’t I save that!?” right after a crash… then you are not a regular SketchUp user :slight_smile:

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