Save a set of Scenes

Is there some way to save a set of scenes? So that I can have multiple animations of a model.


Hello! Yes, there is. Take a look at the checkmarks in the Scenes tab. Unchecking some scenes will ensure they won’t be included in the final animation that you export.

Thanks for the response. I am already using that feature and finding it’s a bit clunky. My main set of scenes has 20 scenes - it’s a pain having to turn each one on/off. It would be nice to be able to have multiple named sets of scenes.

Oooohhhh - I take it back! I just found that I can select multiple items and then check/uncheck them in one go. That helps. Would still like named sets though :slight_smile:

You can always save copies of the file with different scenes.

You can edit the scene names to be whatever you want. You create “sets” of scenes by naming conventions. i.e. Exterior1, Exterior2, Exterior3, and then Interior1, Interior2, Interior3, etc.

You could also create multiple copies of the file, one for each set of scenes but that can create some problems if you need to make changes to the model. Box is more concise.