Editing individual scenes

I’m wondering if there’s a way to create multiple scenes or tabs within a document and not have the same objects in each one. When I try editing dimensions or adding a new feature, it does it for all of the scenes. Is there any way around this to consolidate projects?

Scenes are just views of the model, not changes to the models. Adding or removing elements will change the model, which is not changed by the scene.

You may want to check out the Fundamentals Course at learn.sketchup.com to learn the basics of how scenes work.

It might be helpful if we better understood more specifically what you’re working with and trying to do. A screen shot of two might help.

Putting objects on Tags and then controlling Tag visibility by scene might be what you’re looking for, but I’m not exactly sure. For example, the same room with different furniture arrangements would be done this way.

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