Multiple animation sets within model

Hello all
I am hoping there is a way to set up multiple animation “sets” within my model (such as an exterior fly by, then an interior walkthrough, etc). In other words can you create and save a set of scenes for a particular animation then “file” it aside while creating a new animation?

Right now I can set up a set of scenes and then export out the animation of those scenes. But if I’m wanting to have multiple animations without creating a very large number of new scenes, then checking off/on the “not in animation” option for the individual scenes is cumbersome and inefficient.

Any recommendations?


You can choose whether or not to include specific scenes in an animation and you can change that for groups of scenes. There’s a tick box for that in the Scenes panel. Select the scenes you want to exclude from your animation and untick the box. Or select them and tick the box to include them.

Hi DaveR
Thanks, I have been doing that and while it does accomplish the end result, it gets tedious when I want to switch from one animation to the next. Wondering if there is there a way to perhaps "group
" or save a number of scenes (and their resulting animation)to allow quick access and editting?
Much appreciated

The only other option would be to create separate SketchUp files with limited sets of scenes. There’s no way to group scenes although that feature has been requested.

Thanks very much. I may simply try to set my scene names/titles to help organize them animation to allow turning the “animation on/off” tag more easily.

Search | SketchUp Extension Warehouse curic scene

(I’ve never used it, but perhaps helps…)

Thanks, I’ll take a look.