Multiple walk through in a model?

Question to the Sketchup Jedi from a humble Padewan.

I use SU for set design for TV/Commercials. I’d like to use the Scenes/Animation to previs multiple shots for the client/agency folks but I wanted to know if there was a way to group Scenes into folders so I can plan out multiple walkthroughs and save them in a single model. For now my work around is to just make one long animation, double up the first frame as a visual marker and render the whole thing out before cutting the shots apart in video editing software.

Is there a way to save multiple walk throughs into a single model?

Thanks in advance

No. There’s no native way to collect scenes into folders although it’s a feature that has been requested.

Yes. Just make additional scenes.

Just to add to @DaveR 's comment, you can sort of ‘Group’ your scenes to export separately.
You have the option for each scene to ‘Include in Animation’ by turning these on and off in ‘groups’ you can export different animations from the one file.

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That’s a solid work around. Thanks @Box