Sandbox Tool

Does SKU have sandbox tools? If so where?

The Sandbox Tools are an extension and at this point I don’t believe SketchUp for iPad supports extensions.

@DaveR is correct.

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Some extensions should be blended in Sketchup so that they become available in iPad too.

I think it’s time this move starts to happen.

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  1. Does no sandbox tool or similar means it’s next to impossible to do landscapes &/or organic shapes?

  2. Any work around? Can organic shapes created in SU OSX be imported?

  3. Still getting to know SU iPad UI - is there multi copy? Is there a check list with 2 columns showing check symbols that compares iPad & desktop tools included. Or list of what iPad doesn’t include

  4. Is iPad online user guide as comprehensive as SU OSX? Also when I do an iPad support search - results seem to be indexed in favor of desktop unless I missed something. Will check again.

  5. All but no YouTube tutorials - correct? Is that because iPad version was just released? What date was it? Any comprehensive webinars? When was SKU iPad relea

Mike hasn’t replied, but I could chime in

  1. No, anything that needs a plugin to work on desktop is missing because there are no plugins on iPad. It looks like Apple won’t let them do plugins, so all these plugins that various people ask to have rolled into the base program could have these questions re-evaluated. Weld was once only in a plugin, but now part of the base program.

  2. Yes, I’ve done landforms with sandbox tools on desktop and then opened the file in iPad. Other similar features include Dynamic Components and Match Photo. You can work on a model and present it, you just don’t have the underlying tools to create or edit them.

  3. Yes, you can do arrays with the move tool if that’s what you mean. A comparison chart would be nice.

  4. More learning resources would be nice.

  5. @TheOnlyAaron did a good livestream last Friday with Q&A. I should think it was recorded to rewatch on YouTube.

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Are you:

  1. Part of the SKU team or a independent user
  2. Aware if there’s fog
    BTW: Did see that live stream. Nice. Mick was a bonus.

Correction: Mike

  1. I’m not on the SKU Team, but I have been a beta tester for many months. I still don’t know everything about it.
  2. I’m not seeing fog. I don’t use it often, so I can’t say I looked for it before.

BTW, you can edit you’re own posts. If you find a typo or just want to fix something, you can click the pencil icon and make changes. You can’t edit other people’s posts.

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Hi @FAITHgirl – thanks for the comments and questions. Apologies for chiming in late here but am glad to see that @RTCool was able to get you some info.

Confirming that Fog is not yet an available option in SketchUp for iPad.
The feedback that we’ve received throughout the Beta, and during these first few weeks since launch has been incredible. We’re taking lots of notes and it’s clear that we still have a lot of work to do, both in terms of improving the app, as well as providing additional learning materials.

Please keep any and all questions and feedback coming! And if you’re still looking for info about how to create different types of arrays, let me know. I could work on a quick video for that this week.

I don’t think it’s (all) Apple fault here.
I believe something bigger is moving on, otherwise we would have plugins for SketchUp Web.

I suspect that’s just a different technical issue, but it’s not my field of expertise. I think I was once told technical issues present a problem for implementing Match Photo on Web versions, and that’s not even a plugin.