Can't Find Add & Subtract

I have used Sketchup for many years and am exploring the iPad version. Most of the tools and settings I am familiar with, but I can’t find the “Outer Shell”, “Intersect”, “Union”, “Subtract”, “Trim”, or “Split” tools. I must be going mad. These are my most used suite of tools, but where are they? Also Instructor was most valuable to me when I got started with Sketchup.

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Might be a good thing to take a little time to read through the Help files:

According to this, at least at this point, Solid Tools aren’t implemented in SU for iPad.

I can confirm that the Solid Tools are yet to make their way into the SketchUp for iPad app.
We’ve got them on the list, though…

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Thank you for saving my sanity, Mike. Looking forward to a more complete Sketchup on my iPad.

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Any ETA on this feature? I bought SketchUp Pro and and iPad Pro and was excited to move my workflow to SketchUp for iPad. So I was surprised when solid tools were not included as it’s a core feature I use frequently.

You can use intersect faces with… Context, model or selection. It’s not the same as solid tools but it’s a very nice alternative workflow. I actually never use solid tools but I use intersect faces all the time.

I always come to a point where I have to utilize solid tools during my work process. I can go back and forth with Sketchup Pro in my desktop, but it would be very nice to have the tool in ipad.

Looks like “Outer Shell” is now included.

@MikeTadros any news on the rest of the “solid tools” being added?

Hi @KeithBrooks I appreciate you checking in on this one…
Still in the works, and taking a bit longer than expected, unfortunately.
When we turned the tools on and started playing with them, the UX was kinda terrible. Web & Desktop versions of SketchUp rely pretty heavily on information and clues about how to use the Solid tools, all of which are packed into the status bar and/or the cursors that appear while hovering around – neither of which are things we have support for yet on iPad.

I think you should take the same approach as Apple and rely on, push for, device interoperability. Send the info and clues as push messages to iPhones and Macs. :grin:

I’m using Win and Android, but don’t mind me…

Yeah, perfect – who doesn’t love a smorgasbord of pop-ups and alerts!?

As a Windows user, I’m guessing you were one of the ones who loved Clippy… :grin:

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Clippy? Who is she?

You must be very young…


Thanks @Anssi I try my best to keep on shape! :muscle:

Microsoft Office assistant character.

Oh! I remember that… it seems I’m not that young after all.

I officially dislike you Colin.

The only thing anyone did with Clippy was to find out how to turn it off, and turn it off.


Im pretty sure at the time people were sticking post its in that area of the screen

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