Can't Find Add & Subtract

I have used Sketchup for many years and am exploring the iPad version. Most of the tools and settings I am familiar with, but I can’t find the “Outer Shell”, “Intersect”, “Union”, “Subtract”, “Trim”, or “Split” tools. I must be going mad. These are my most used suite of tools, but where are they? Also Instructor was most valuable to me when I got started with Sketchup.

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Might be a good thing to take a little time to read through the Help files:

According to this, at least at this point, Solid Tools aren’t implemented in SU for iPad.

I can confirm that the Solid Tools are yet to make their way into the SketchUp for iPad app.
We’ve got them on the list, though…

Thank you for saving my sanity, Mike. Looking forward to a more complete Sketchup on my iPad.