Plugins available for Ipad IOS

As the majority of my time is in the field, I am using sketch up pro on my ipad Pro. Beings as SU is relatively new to Ipad, are their plugins available or additions to the Ipad application like the “weld” plugin?

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No, there won’t be any extensions or such for iPad… I believe because of apple regulations and abilities.

Weld as a function, however, is in the context menu when more than one thing is selected. Not sure that actually helps you as it’s not comprehensive like a plug-in, but it helps me :wink:

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There should be a way to apply them. I can think of a few examples of apps like Pythonista, which support installing modules/libraries etc.

Another way might be to vote them in and have the most popular ones packaged in updates which can then be optionally applied via the UI.

In any case, one of the foundations of the SU workflow process is being able to customize your own UI over a stripped down version of every other 3D modeling application on the market. To not have any support for plugins is to change the package at a core conceptual level.

I was personally quite sad to learn that there is no support for plugins, but then I was equally and happily surprised to learn that we finally have an iPad app, so I’ll keep hoping for now.


Hi! Have you try this?

I agree that plugins would be good to have in the iPad version. I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement a system or whether it would require a different API and/or programming language than in the desktop version. However, I think the developers are working hard on fixing bugs and getting basic features working and have been quite responsive to requests on this forum. I also think they regard the iPad version as a complement to the desktop, not an equal alternative.

I can say that I have collected all of the feedback that we’ve received and will surely continue to receive about the desire for SketchUp for iPad to be extensible in some form or fashion.

I can also say, that we do take customer feedback into account when making decisions about future roadmap initiatives (thanks @slbaumgartner for your acknowledgment along these lines, it’s much appreciated).

This is not an easy puzzle to solve for iPad/iOS & within Apple’s ecosystem, but I understand and believe in the inherent potential for us all if we do solve it.

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