Same material different color

Hello guys, im new to vray . Why does it shows window frame gray and shutters white and its same material? Do you have any idea? Faces are ok reversed.

same material diff color

Firstly it doesn’t look like the same material, secondly don’t make people reply to you based on a postage stamp sized render, Render an enlarged window with shutters. The reason may be the texture of the shutters (panels, slats that reflect the light at a different angle)

Well i know what im talking, it is the same material and it looks diffrent i dont know why.

Here , rendered picture

Can you send an image of the model in monochrome style? Or sharing the model would be better.

I will send you tomorrow model. Should i upload on wetransfer or? In monochrome everything is white.


it might be a problem of white VS neutral :

In colour mode, both might appear white. but the frames might actually still be neutral (unpainted) while the shades are actually white. therefore two separate materials.

one way to quickly see it is to be in material mode (not monochrome), then in style, to go check a colourful one. something red, orange, fiery. If some elements become red and fiery, they are unpainted.

But we (the community) can check with you tomorrow when you share the file, it’s probably going to be quick. :slight_smile:

Ok perfect. Im sending you tomorrow here link for wetransfer. What do you think about render. Is it realistic? This is my second vray project :grinning:

It’s a good one, the vegetation is the best of the render, the house is too perfect to look realistic, you need postproduction to add stains, I don’t use vray but some engines can add stains to the textures, adding them on any image manipulation software will make it look more realistic though.

here is model

Well, even in SU you can see that I was right, all the elements have a different material assigned to them.

But how? I painted them together every single window frame. I dont know

But how? I dont know too. Maybe sabotage? :smiley:

As for the realism of the renders
If you want it, you have to take care of it
Because something like this does not exist in the real world:

But this one is closer

Different materials:

Plastic Simple Grey and Plastic White


Wall paint fine white and Plastic White

Thank you very much everyone.