Safe frame for printing

Hi, is there a plugin that creates a safe frame for printing (A4 for example) or pdf exporting, so that we dont need to increase or decrease the Sketchup window size for avoiding extra blank space?

It’s called LayOut.


I mean not going to LayOut. When I go to Print Preview and to properties, set the A4 format then between 1. Current view and Scenes, I choose scenes so that i may create e pdf file of different plans from the scenes, but when i save as pdf, a lot of blank page is included, so why not being a safe frame ?

All this ready printing features, properties and settings inside Sketchup and not a safe frame !

I know LayOut but i just don’t see it necessay, at least for me, kinda hate switching to LayOut

I’ve done it both ways. I have a love/hate relationship with Layout, so I can argue either side, but if all you’re doing is printing out a single view from SketchUp on a piece of paper, Layout can do that well with little trouble. My problems with Layout emerge when the drawing starts to get complicated, but if all you’re doing is placing a view on paper and printing it - that’s easy.

I’ve done it the other way too. In SketchUp you can draw a rectangle to scale for the paper size you’re printing to and print straight from SU to paper or PDF. This post shows doing a multiview (plan, section, and elevation) drawing directly in SketchUp for Schools which doesn’t have Layout as an option.

It think this is basically because when you export to a PDF file, it renders an image - which is the size of your viewport and then places that image inside a PDF document.

The only way I can think of is to resize your viewport to match the aspect ratio of your intended print size. Eneroth viewport resizer would help with that

Otherwise, Layout.
You could easily template both SketchUp and Layout to make you only need a few clicks to do what you want.

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