Use components to make a multiview drawing without Layout



While Layout allows you to put multiple drawings from one model on a sheet of paper, you can do so right in SketchUp itself by using components, which can be useful if you have a version without Layout. The general concept has other applications too.

  • Take your entire object or building and make it a component
  • Make copies of the object/component and orient them to see different sides
  • For section views, set one section plane, and move the objects relative to it rather than the other way around
  • For non section views, just place the object beyond the section plane

If you make changes to the original, as components, the copies will update.

This example was originally done in SketchUp for Schools to show a typical 3 view drawing as commonly taught in introductory drafting. Unlike Layout, you can’t crop away unwanted parts of the model, so it really only works with discreet objects.

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