Generate different drawing from one model

I was watching Nick Sonder’s videos and I was wondering how you can generate different drawing types from a single sketchup model. Do you create a basic model and save it as a component and insert that in different files?

To keep the answer as general as your question, it depends.

Basically all normal view types can be generated inside one SketchUp file using scenes, layers and styles, and then finished and annotated in LayOut.

Splitting the model into different groups or components will help with some things and make others more difficult - it, again, depends on the application. I understand what Nick Sonder (I am not very familiar with his approach) does is to use plugins to keep this added complexity manageable.


In SU, a “drawing,” in the sense of a static 2D document, is a printout or an export to disk, one of many forms of output that can be extracted from the same model. It’s something like a report from a database: it shows a static snapshot of the data focusing on a particular subset and presentation of all the data present predicated on satisfying some particular need.

You can pose your model to simulate traditional 2D presentation styles or to take the greatest advantage of the data it encompasses. You can create many different static snapshots from the same model, or just dispense with the static 2D views and present the 3D model itself.

What are your objectives?


Sorry you are right I was really generic.

For what I understood he design a villa (parent) and then create child where for example one is for just sections, one for interior rendering, etc…and they are all linked to the parent so when he need to change something he just need update the child.

with the Skalp for Sketchup plugin you can create different representations of the same section in one model.

Also in combination with the use of Color by layer in hidden line style you can create clean drawing from a model which is prepared for rendering.

What I’m looking for is more something like this:

Parent file (Walls, roof, doors and windows)

from this one create:

  • a file with the landscape
  • one with all the cabinets and furniture
  • one with all the sections

and they all link to the Parent so if I need to move a wall for example I just change the main file and update all the others

It really sounds to me as though you are conceptualizing this as a 2D drawing, not a 3D model. Your list of “children” sounds like the titles of a stack of drawing sheets. Unlike a stack of drawings, when you use a 3D model, the form and format of the output does not have to determine the structure and organization of the data itself. I think it would be wiser to structure the model in such a way to support other–perhaps novel–forms of presentation, or at least not to foreclose them.