Multiple Wishlist


Layout Feature Request

  1. provide an Uppercase / title case / lowercase text toggle

  2. Nudge command [as per coreldraw] to move objects controlled dimensions.

  3. Bring SU and LO interface closer in operation

  4. Encourage plugin development for LO

  5. Components in the SU model, become blocks in the DWG export

  6. Make clear distinction in drawing commands between those creating 2d [z=0] entities and those that may contain differing z heights


They do when you export a 3D model from SketchUp. 2D images cannot have this functionality as they are essentially vector screenshots of what is shown on your screen or in your LayOut viewport.



Hi Anssi,

Well, not really, if you create say a symbol in LO, group it… then it would be useful if that group became a block in a dwg file. Apart from great file efficiency. for example - counting light fittings, GPO’s… etc anything that might be represented in 2d linework in layout. Currently, all my curved symbol groups become multifaceted line segments - all exploded.

Frankly, I’m not convinced about the conceptual split of Layout / Sketchup.

If notation in SU was improved [say as a 2d overlay to a scene] I’m not sure why you even need LO.

Then all you need is a better way of handling multiple scenes [perhaps by nested tabs] so you could step through scene levels like we do with outliner.

For example, In Layout I cannot count the number of components in a model and table them without manually extracting that from the SU model. If I was still in the SU model the data would be embedded in the same model and hopefully some clever plugin developer would have created a way to present that in a SU Scene overlay.

Hope I explained that well?