Single object, best way to show elevation of all sides (top, left, right, front and back.)

I have created a model of a post and beam log home with roughly 100 pieces. I need to show the four sides of each piece, detail, and dimension the cuts. Is there a friendly way to get these pieces to layout with the all sides showing. (see my example below)
I normally prepare these sort of drawings in a 2D cadd program and thought I would try this home in Sketchup 2020. The modeling process was quick and rather friendly. I have not used page layout and will attempt to view some tutorials and get an understanding of the way it works. Is the best way to do this?


It looks like you’re doing it right there. Make each part a component, then lay them out somewhere. Put them on their own special tag/layer so they show up just for one special scene, then you can bring a whole bunch of views in with one big viewport instead of many, many little ones. I also use this to cast 45° shadows on all the parts sometimes. Being components, if you go back and edit the one in place, the one in the schedule updates.

One example is in this post:

Check this extension:

Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

i construct my master model with a bunch of smaller models imported into the master as components so as i update them or replace them i can just reload that portion of the model. for each of those models i’ll create (most times) a set of scenes for various 3D and 2D views, zooms, and sections. then i use layout to display. sometimes these are all standard views but most times for zooming in on a detail in context. for large dimension i use those same models and use the LO dimensions since they’re much cleaner.
for detailed views and part dimensions i take components from the models and create the views - exploded, side-by-side, cut, and assembly instructions which get their own viewports in LO and using LO dimensions (in majority of cases).
depending on the drawing i’ll leverage vector, raster, or the overlay of vector on raster to get the images when way they best represent the ideas.
this is probably not as efficient as it can be but some of my projects get quite complex with structures, MEP, acoustics, and lots of detail needed so builders don’t attempt to use “normal” construction techniques which would thwart the design…