Printing my drawing within an engineering drawing frame

Hi there learned ones,

What is the best/easiest way to print my SketchUP Drawing inside an A3 or A4 Drawing Frame such as you would see in most engineering drawings?

Thanks for considering.


The easiest way is to use SketchUp’s partner program called Layout. This software is included with the price of a SketchUp Pro license.

Layout already has a set of templates with various page sizes and title blocks that are available.

… it’s essentially designed to act as the ‘paper space’ facet to SketchUp’s ‘model space’.

As a workaround to not having Layout… you could draw up whatever drawing frame you’d like to use. and then position that around various scenes within SU.

Look into the option of adding custom watermarks to any of the various SU styles. see… >Window >Style >Edit >Watermark (tab).

I’ve also seen transparent images brought into the standard print out process, wherever watermark images are are allowed. …typically available in a variety of pdf creation programs.

Brilliant! Thanks so much Jim. It’s great to not have to spend ages trawling through all of the wrong places trying to figure something out :slight_smile:

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