Printing architectural drawing


Hi experts,

I am a former Autocad professional, having trouble with getting Sketchup to do what I want.

Right now I’m struggling with making a simple A4 print of a plan, scale 1:100, without Sketchup logo, on white background with black lines, with texts on the plan (room names and building parts) and text on the drawing (Where, what drawing, scale, and so on).

I would be so thankful if someone would either shortlist what to do or direct me to a very short explanation of how to do.


You need to be specific about the version were you are working with. There are only ‘SketchUp’ logo’s in the Web version. Did you receive a file with that Style? You can edit the Style if you are not using the Free (web) version of SketchUp.
You don’t have a ‘Paperspace’ in SketchUp. In SketchUp, you build the ‘model’ in a real size world. For printing, you can setup different scenes with different Styles which you can send to LayOut, the 2D-“paper space”-companion of SketchUp.


Your profile shows you are using SU Pro. If so, you will have Layout. Some of what you describe (“text on the drawing”) would normally be done in LO not SU.

Is your model 2D or 3D? If it is 2D, you would normally create a scene in SU with Top View, select Parallel Projection for the camera, and then send that to LO. In 3D, you might have to create a horizontal section first.


Thank you both for responding!
It is a 3D model, however I just made a plan without pulling it up.

I found Layout :slight_smile: but the print still came out with grey background, and also som blue areas, the 3D drawing didnt have. Even if I changed it to wireframe.
Also I didnt work out where the scale of the drawing is decided.

Maybe there is a tutorial with just these topics?