Print architectural floor plan in a scale other than 1:1?

What if I have an engineering or architectonical drawing in Sketchup. In Sketchup I would size everything to the correct length, so if a wall or pipe is 24 meters long, it would be 24m in Sketchup.

However, my point is that I want to print that drawing in a scaled down form, for example that it prints in 1:500 scale or something I choose and should print correctly to scale. The paper size would be something as per the local standards such as 2’ x 3’

Normally I would be printing floor plans rather than orthogonal views, but I might as well.What is important is that it scales well, so if my drawing is 9m and I want to print in a scale 1:100 it would print 9cm.

Your profile doesn’t say whether you have Make or Pro, but this task is well suited to Layout which is a component of Pro.

I do not have PRO, just the plain free version.

Assuming the printer driver for your computer recognizes the paper size and you set the camera to Parallel Projection and a standard view, you can set the scale in the Print or Print Preview setup.

If this is something you need to do on a regular basis, it would be much better to get Pro and use LayOut. It’s easier and gives you a whole lot more control over the output.