How Do I create a drawing that is not 1:1 scale?

I have been looking and searching everywhere. I don’t want to print at architectural scale but draw that way

Thank you

Draw at 1:1 and scale down afterwards?

why? it’s at 1:1, but what that “1” represents is up to you. It could be meters, miles, feet, cubits, … it could be that every 1 you draw represents 3.14592

… but I can’t think on any reason for it not to be 1:1?

When I draw a 24’ line in Layout I cannot see the whole line though. That’s my problem. The other dimension of this building is 51’ too!!


You have the ability in LAYOUT to select the scale you want for any scene displayed. I’d walk you through the process, but I’m not on a system with SketchUp installed right now.


The concept you’re missing is this…

LayOut is not a drafting tool for the initial creation of scaled architectural plans.
LayOut is a tool for creating 2D documentation (plans) from 3D SketchUp models.

In LayOut, orthogonal views of a SketchUp model can be set to print on paper at a particular scale.
However, line work you create in LayOut is drawn full size in paper space, not the scaled model space.

Obviously, one cannot draw a 24’ long line on even the largest standard paper size.

Thank you, for the response. I understand and decided that sketchup is not the tool for me. Switching to draftsight which seems to be much closer to autocad in interface and function. This is better for me.

thanks again