Downloading Drawing and Printing from a different computer

I am a newbie so this may be a really silly question. I am an interior designer and want to print a scale drawing (floor plan) on a large format printer. Can i download my drawing and take to a copy place to have them print it?
If so how do i do it so it prints 1/4"=1’0"

Under “File”, go to “Document Setup” Here you find the follow dialog box and here you can do that

The best way to do this is to use LayOut. Set up a page at the desired paper size and make the needed viewport(s) at the desired scale. Then export a PDF file to send to the printer.

Use scenes in SketchUp to create the viewports in LayOut.

Thank you. I know it was a basic question, but trying to learn all this by myself.

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Thank you.

No problem